Yatagarasu-dono 4 uur geleden
Will needs to come back for another game of helping hands. This was so much fun.
RiceTV 4 uur geleden
Wow they look old.
Giorgio Gonzales
Giorgio Gonzales 6 uur geleden
Who's the dude with the pecs at 1:34?
Emm Real
Emm Real 14 uur geleden
that "Microbiology" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pemo 20 uur geleden
i like the mustard in ryans ear at the end
An Idge named Dave
An Idge named Dave 23 uur geleden
Apparently 'White boy' is acceptable then!!! Double standards??
An Idge named Dave
An Idge named Dave Dag geleden
Love this show. Watched it since the 80's with Clive Anderson, Drew Carey etc but Aiesha is weird man lol. Not a fan of her I'm afraid.
Peewy Peabody
Peewy Peabody Dag geleden
Is it just me or is the aspect ratio off here?
Malcolm Rowe
Malcolm Rowe Dag geleden
I wonder how well this game would work if they actually got someone who was really good at the sound effects.
Unyie thorle
Unyie thorle Dag geleden
Carl! 😂😂😂😂
Jones Martins
Jones Martins Dag geleden
"The tongue keeps getting in the way."
_Niklaus_ 2 dagen geleden
John Jk
John Jk 2 dagen geleden
5:13 That's gonna be on the internet forever. Well, it's been over 5 years since this video was posted. I'll see you all when this video gets recommended to everyone in 5 years.
Roi Castro
Roi Castro 2 dagen geleden
Making semi-obscure Star Wars references, Wayne really is Barney's brother
mcfly697 2 dagen geleden
Did ye ever hardeyfarfytardetarde-hey How long you been out of Belgium? Well fardedhardyharty-ay! Are you on Acid? Well aye dehartydartybarty hey?
Renex Boi
Renex Boi 2 dagen geleden
is this tv show actually still going or they just repost some stuff up?
BH Chen
BH Chen 2 dagen geleden
aisha tyler nice with the cleavage there
Pemo 2 dagen geleden
ive never seen greg so silently baffled
Pemo 2 dagen geleden
and this is why i dont know why people dont like aisha- she has absolutely FANTASTIC hosting skills and chemistry with the cast
Oliver Tunnah
Oliver Tunnah 2 dagen geleden
Cool a cheque. I'll pay that in tomorrow.
Clément Parayre
Clément Parayre 2 dagen geleden
I don't understand the one at 1:35 can someone explain plz ?
Padmaj Rane
Padmaj Rane 3 dagen geleden
I love how Colin's puns make Wayne crack every time!!!
Benjaman 3 dagen geleden
6:17 what does he say here? i can´t understand it
Videl Crazy
Videl Crazy 3 dagen geleden
Priest: Everyone stand up Dude: ...Boing
Dusu Izdyin
Dusu Izdyin 3 dagen geleden
Keegan is here now I want peele to come
Howard Lo
Howard Lo 3 dagen geleden
What did Colin shout that made the host angry (1:30), can't hear it well.
Big Electron
Big Electron 3 dagen geleden
Still can’t forget how Padma destroyed Sean Evans’ Hotwings
Aloy Fernandes
Aloy Fernandes 3 dagen geleden
2:56 Best clue anybody can give regarding a sperm.😂😂
Aditya Karmokar
Aditya Karmokar 3 dagen geleden
How dare you is actually a question, a rhetoric one
Mihir Potnis
Mihir Potnis 3 dagen geleden
You might call that a "wild ride"
Cédric 3 dagen geleden
Barney's brother ❤️
shark5981 3 dagen geleden
My face hurts 😆
Howard Lo
Howard Lo 4 dagen geleden
Who is this Panama chick ? She looks familiar, but can't put my finger on it
Nakatomi Uk
Nakatomi Uk 4 dagen geleden
This was taken from a show in the UK called Fast and Loose they did this 10 years ago, Wayne actually starred on the show along with someone else I can't remember his name
Big Electron
Big Electron 4 dagen geleden
My jaws hurt from laughing
Marco Devibar
Marco Devibar 4 dagen geleden
I swear...Aisha got the sweetest smile I've ever seen
Deep deep
Deep deep 4 dagen geleden
I thought he's gonna handshake
Yatagarasu-dono 4 dagen geleden
Wayne and Jonathan make a great duo.
Alex Ruwndar
Alex Ruwndar 4 dagen geleden
Colin is the Original Dirty Grandpa..😂😂😂😂
Charysler 4 dagen geleden
Wow. How on earth did he get that
SPQSpartacus 4 dagen geleden
Brad’s channeling of Jagger is superb!
Sant Orozco
Sant Orozco 4 dagen geleden
Who's the first lady?
Orbit 01
Orbit 01 4 dagen geleden
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know when the episode aired? I just need a year, month and day are optional. I want to know if the channel is uploading stuff from the newest episodes or just whatever else
0FFICERPROBLEM 4 dagen geleden
God, the horse race bit by Key is amazing. Also the musical stripper number by Wayne <3 Watch these every few years. Glad the show is still going.
0FFICERPROBLEM 4 dagen geleden
gitoberg1 4 dagen geleden
Film dub never gets enough time
Bartosz Kurek
Bartosz Kurek 4 dagen geleden
17:00 could somoeone explain me this joke? I don't understand it, but it should extremely funny
Miko Jireh Rieta
Miko Jireh Rieta 5 dagen geleden
Iris west!
Vishesh Raina
Vishesh Raina 5 dagen geleden
Heidi deidi deidi deidi
Respectful Remasters by Metalmucil
Respectful Remasters by Metalmucil 5 dagen geleden
Nice aspect ratio.
gehremba 5 dagen geleden
Nah, that's cool, I didn't need my eardrums anymore anyways
Yatagarasu-dono 5 dagen geleden
It's all the more funnier with Wayne dying in the background.
Tikachoo 5 dagen geleden
GRENADE! *boing* Gets me every time 😂
Oammas Last Name the I
Oammas Last Name the I 5 dagen geleden
You mess with the moose you get the noose
amoryll36 5 dagen geleden
🇬🇧🙋🏾‍♀️When Ryan said "good luck!" 😂 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾
benjamin casati
benjamin casati 5 dagen geleden
"Well, are you?" YES! I AM!
Victor Salgado
Victor Salgado 5 dagen geleden
too bad they cut off the moment jeff understands the come joke at the end. :/
Andoni Zaldumbide
Andoni Zaldumbide 5 dagen geleden
"There's nothing like a little head." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sameer Mustafah Raza
Sameer Mustafah Raza 5 dagen geleden
Ryan: "30,000 fans in a car." 😆😅 What kind of freaky shit is that?
Ivy Njoki
Ivy Njoki 5 dagen geleden
Indicating the rest of the sperm.
Ivy Njoki
Ivy Njoki 5 dagen geleden
AP AMVs 5 dagen geleden
This is the official channel I the hell is the video this bad?
André Gonçalves
André Gonçalves 5 dagen geleden
I wish my girlfriend had the same enthusiasm as Aisha at 3:31
Positive Con
Positive Con 5 dagen geleden
wide colin
Sweety Guy
Sweety Guy 5 dagen geleden
Widescreen version
panda4247 5 dagen geleden
Jeff's verse about Cheryl was actually better than most of today's music. The lyrics were funny, but kinda deep at the same time
Alex Wyatt
Alex Wyatt 5 dagen geleden
Wayne is too OP
Samar Iqbal
Samar Iqbal 6 dagen geleden
Wayne: “Fatality!” 0:48 😂😂😂
Stomski 6 dagen geleden
Well this is the worst abuse of aspect ratio I've ever seen on NLposts.
Mathias Eggimann
Mathias Eggimann 23 uur geleden
You haven't seen much!
Swanand Dhole
Swanand Dhole 4 dagen geleden
I don't know why but I'm literally laughing out loud.
Kutyakupac 6 dagen geleden
Wide Putin like this
benjamin casati
benjamin casati 6 dagen geleden
this is my type of humor
No:1 6 dagen geleden
What's with the weird aspect ratio?
GackutoG 6 dagen geleden
1:22 Gaunglet reference...