Colin & Ryan As Adam & Eve | Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

6 maanden geleden

UK viewers can now watch full episodes of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' on Dave . .
. Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles portray their version of the genesis story in this game of Whose Line?
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Sweety Guy
Sweety Guy 21 dag geleden
Colin and Ryan are just so funny I’ve been watching them for decades and they are still funny 😆
Scul_Krushr562 Maand geleden
Didn’t Adam eat the apple not eve
beeafuu 3 maanden geleden
1:20 is all you need to react to "Damn you're ugly"
Paladin 3 maanden geleden
I love when they check the notes out of non belief after they deliver the lines
walalaura 5 maanden geleden
God I love them
Trevor Moses
Trevor Moses 6 maanden geleden
0:25 I think I heard Aisha call Ryan "Brian"?
Minute Protocol
Minute Protocol 6 maanden geleden
why does a guy sitting behind her looks like Mark zuckerberg
INGSOC 6 maanden geleden
Poor college n is going to need therapy after the years of abuse.
John Gormley
John Gormley 6 maanden geleden
Jaysus yous love to reupload this clip. Nearly as much as you are overdoing Greatest Hits in the new season.
Nitesh Pun
Nitesh Pun 6 maanden geleden
My best comedy show.
Hugo Dias
Hugo Dias 6 maanden geleden
NEWEST TESTMENT ! ahahahahahahahahahaha
Melody 6 maanden geleden
First time watching this and i love it ahahahahaa
Sameer Mustafah Raza
Sameer Mustafah Raza 3 maanden geleden
Welcome aboard!
Rupesh Mhatre
Rupesh Mhatre 5 maanden geleden
Ravindra Sathyajith
Ravindra Sathyajith 6 maanden geleden
Tariq El-Toum
Tariq El-Toum 6 maanden geleden
Good laugh 😹
Grace Shorthose
Grace Shorthose 6 maanden geleden
Sorry to be dumb but whos line is it anyway?
ankit jain
ankit jain 6 maanden geleden
I tried it without even knowing what it is this afternoon.
Rishi Heda
Rishi Heda 6 maanden geleden
Aisha's face at the damn you're ugly Lol
LoneKharnivore 6 maanden geleden
It bothers me that Ryan's "Martinis in the Garden of Eden" conceit goes unappreciated.
Kevin 6 maanden geleden
That's real intelligence at work - quality and class.
Tom Fitton
Tom Fitton 6 maanden geleden
Sentences is my favourite game
Sameer Mustafah Raza
Sameer Mustafah Raza 6 maanden geleden
Ryan: "You need to get waxed. Yet you already have!" 2:06 😅 😂 Colin is thinking, " *Hair* we go again. Time to hit the *roof* !"😊
Aravind muthu
Aravind muthu 6 maanden geleden
it's not punny dude...
KevTho KorcPri
KevTho KorcPri 6 maanden geleden
Andrew K
Andrew K 6 maanden geleden
Ryan - "Oh there's something written on the other side" Colin - "Oh yeah... Screw you" Lol
Αnn 6 maanden geleden
"Damn, you're ugly".......God said😂
Félix Pinchon
Félix Pinchon 6 maanden geleden
When God created you the first thing he did was look down at you and say to himself: "Damn, you're ugly!"
danish arif
danish arif Maand geleden
Perfect timing.
A B 6 maanden geleden
Why Wayne sitting so serious in this one?
Veronicah Smokes
Veronicah Smokes 3 maanden geleden
Because he sinned.
xpehkto 6 maanden geleden
I guess he is watching this scene as an improviser and so he is so immersed in the reality of it that he views it as a very sad one because of failed relationship between Adam and Eve.
Dhruv Jaikanth
Dhruv Jaikanth 6 maanden geleden
Colin and ryan never fail to entertain
Prakarsh Srivastava
Prakarsh Srivastava 6 maanden geleden
Wow never been this early!
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